One more week!



So sorry for being a slacker again and not writing this past week at all! This last Monday I was busy writing, translating, and correcting four letters in Portuguese. That took up most of my time on Monday (my preparation day here at home still). Luckily not much different happened this last week so I can easily write a two week update. 🙂
Two Weeks Ago:
I got to go to IKEA for the first time two Mondays ago. Wow, I really liked the place. It was fun to go around with my mom and see the styles and creative ideas there. What a nice fresh breath of interior design. Later that night, I had to a chance to see my Janis family relatives at my little cousin’s birthday party. It was fun and great to see everyone!
The next couple of days were filled with my normal chiropractic appointments and service. We went to Welfare Square. We were put to the task of packing applesauce for food storage. We were even able to take some home. So I HIGHLY recommend serving there.
Also my little sister, my mom and I went to the temple to complete some family names. It was cool to be able to participate in the baptistry  which I have not done in ages, and then to complete the entire rest of the process with my mom. I love doing family names and I know that my ancestors really appreciated it too.
Last Week:
This last week was not too exciting…just a bunch of doctor appointments for my eyes and chiropractor some more. Life is has gotten in a good routine and has been pretty simple. I am still working on indexing and have almost 2000 names now. I was super excited the other day to find my favorite indexing project back up on the database. It is in Portuguese, typewritten and has photos of the people immigrating…WIN! Little things like that make indexing awesome.
After giving my three talks the week before on the Holy Ghost as part of the missionary process, I was happy to take an offer to teach in the Relief Society teaching the lesson on the Holy Ghost in Chapter 4 of the Teachings of the Living Prophets. I have learned so much about the Holy Ghost in our lives and the role that he has in everything,
Being able to listen and follow the Holy Ghost is always a work in progress but is definitely worth the effort.
This Next Week:
This week will be mostly the same as the last two weeks with service and appointments. BUT the most awesome thing about this week is that it is the last week before my blood test! I will go in on Monday and then either that day or the next receive the results and be able to receive my new assignment. I am beyond thrilled!!
I hope everything is going wonderful for y’all!
Sister Janis

About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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  1. Hi Sister Janis, I came across your blog as I was looking for someone to answer questions for my daughter who is leaving for the Manaus Mission on March 27. Are you available for that kind of thing? I have just skimmed and realized that you are on a sort of “medical leave”-hope that all works out for you. We live in Orem and we would love to talk to you if possible. The pressing question is about the passport holder…Please email us if possible. best, Wendy Snow

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