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Oi Família!

This week was a pretty packed week! It was wonderful! I even did divisions with two different young women in our ward.

The Elders in our district (which included our Zone Leader) were transferred during this week, so we received their area, which is the rest of our Ward boundaries (three more neighborhoods). Because of this, Sister Cortez and I had to do divisions two different days in order to work with the investigators that had dates for baptism in the other parts and continue working with the commitments we had in ours. Here is a little information about our investigators that have the most potential:

Bruno-He is an awesome investigator! He was one of the investigators that were given to us when the Elders were transferred out of the area. They only taught him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and one of the Ward Members invited him to church and he came! He loved the ward members and he said it was like being a home and that he wanted to be baptized right then and there. Sister Cortez taught him two times in the past two days so everything is ready for his baptism this coming Saturday.

Katiane-We found her through a referral activity that the ward did. (They visited homes around the church and asked if they would like to have copy of Finding Faith in Christ.) Her grandmother was the one that wanted the DVD but she was the only one that wanted to listen. She attends Jehovah´s Witness but has not been baptized yet because of importance the decision is to her. When we began the lesson, I asked if we could have a prayer and then explain the significance of our prayers, specifically that it is a conversation with God through his son Jesus Christ and that through Jesus Christ all things were possible. At the end of the lesson she said that she really liked message and especially our manner of prayer because it was the first that she had heard that fit with her belief of prayer. We hoping that she progresses a lot in the next week and attends church and can be baptized in two weeks.

Jessica; Andrea-Andrea is the mother of Jessica. They were references from the DVD also. They are quite a dynamic duo. When we first meet them, Jessica took the DVD into her home and most have said something to Andrea about it because she ran out of the house with the DVD yelling at Jessica…Why did you buy this DVD without talking to me!… and then tried giving it back to us. After explaining that is was free and that we would like to teach them more. She smiled and said…oh its free?! I would love to have you come visit us…. Then after our first lesson with her, she said that Jessica was always fighting with her brother. I told her that if they read the Book of Mormon together that they would have peace in the home. So as we were leaving she told Jessica, I want to start reading this book now. 🙂 We are teaching them again today so it should very exciting.

Eleadi-She is going to be our most interesting investigator in the coming couple of weeks. She is studying theology and is the Instructor of the Gospel Principles class of her church. She studied our church in one of her classes and really wanted to have a Book of Mormon. One of her friends was a member but she lost contact with her before receiving one. We meet her last week while shopping for food in our favorite market place. I taught while we were doing divisions and she said that she never heard the story of Joseph Smith in a positive light before and that she was excited to try out the Book of Mormon to see if it is a word of God. I hoping that it touches her heart and she will become a firm member in the church. I am happy that I took the World Religions course before my mission at BYUI because it definitely helped connecting with her and gaining her trust.

Also this week I will be starting a class of English with a group called the Community and the friends of the members in our ward. The Community is a group of non-members that play soccer a couple times a week in the church parking lot. We are hoping to be able to teach all of them the first lesson, get their names and contact information and continue teaching them inside their homes. It should be fun but I am a little worried about what I will teach them because the ages range from 5 to 50 so a huge range of understanding. I will be using the rest of my Preparation Day to plan since I will begin teaching tomorrow.

So that is pretty much my update for this week. I am working full days and definitely feeling the Lord’s Hand in my life. This next week I will have completed 6 months of my mission. 1/3 already! It has gone by so fast and I am loving the opportunity to teach the gospel. I cannot wait to talk to ya´ll in less then a month!!!

Muito Amor!

Sister Janis

About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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