Zone Conference and Microwaves


Oi Família!

I got the pictures to work!!! I am sending a picture of my district in the CTM, both of my instructors and my zone here in Boa Vista. I was also able to put pictures on Costco, yippee!! So hopefully you guys will be able to see a little of my life here in the Amazon. The instructor in the glasses is Irmão Costa and the other is Irmão Ramahlo.

I forgot to mention our baptism last week because I did not even realize it was our baptism until it was time to take pictures. LOL Wallace was a former investigator of the missionaries that were in our area before us. We just reconfirmed his baptism date and taught the Plan of Salvation. Sister Cabral told me after the lesson that it was the Elders´s baptism and not ours but on the day of the baptism, Sister Cabral had a lot of phone calls and it was changed to ours. So because most of the interactions were done in Portuguese I did not understand until we were starting the service. So that made life exciting. 

We were supposed to have one this week but Maicon decided that he want to come to church a couple of more times before he decided. It was more of a commitment issue because after we asked him and tried to have him for interviews he suddenly had a lot of activities with friends and had no time for the church any more. He had us going through a roller coaster this week with changing from pro baptism to not, over and over again. It is kind of sad because the members really took him in and were actively incorporating him into activities which does not happen very much.

This week though should be awesome! A family that was baptized less then 10 months ago, has a daughter that is the only non-member. We have been teaching her and she is really excited to be baptized. Her only big issue is that she is dating a married man and really wants to get married to him. Also he does not like that she is taking the lessons. So we have been working on the Law of Chastity with her and the importance of the gospel in her life. She understands; she just needs strength to follow it. I know she has a lot support from her family and we have become really great friends with her. I think she will be baptized, so look for a picture next week! 🙂 She is a miracle because she did not take the lessons so well the first time a couple of months ago but she is completely changed now. I think it helped that we talked about fashion, United States Pop Culture and normal things at the beginning, so she knows we are normal people that have a great calling of sharing the gospel.

The Breno Family, the ones that made me fish :), have been coming to church one by one. So hopefully before the end of transfer we will get the whole family to church and baptized! The daughters and mom of the family really enjoy the lessons and we are working with the mother on her doubts about the Book of Mormon. They are taking baby steps but at least they are progressing.

This week was also Zone Conference. I was able to understand most of it. President and Sister Klein are awesome and I learn so much from them! I wanted to learn how to be a more successful missionary and I definitely learned how to be. They also brought microwaves! Which was fantastic because let’s just say the first two weeks of me using a gas stove were pretty adventurous. But the week before we got the microwave, I mastered grilling Grill Cheese for breakfast (it is normal here) with out burning it, making an omelet which I have been trying to do forever, and semi-mastered turning on the oven without the whole home smelling like gas. Yeah my life is one big adventure.

I decided my theme for my mission will be Smile and Stay Positive. I have heard three times that Mission Manaus is only for the strong missionaries. It is hard and a lot of hard work goes into it every day. I learn so much and I enjoy every moment. There is always a blessing or something to smile about every day. I love it. Always remember there is never anything to be sad about! We are children of god and the sun always shines!

I hope ya’ll have a fantabuless week! Love ya’ll lots!


Sister Janis


About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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