Ingles em Nenhum Lugar do Meio (English in the Middle of Nowhere)


Oi Família!

This week has been pretty awesome with investigators and teaching. We look for new ones every week by looking at past records of investigators that did not get baptized for one reason or another and members less active. We actually have been able to start teaching again all the ones that did not accept the first time. The members less active also are very receptive to us coming by but are not as quick to come to church, even though they get really excited every time they see us. Some even watch the street for us to come by just to say that they heard from their family that we were looking for them and they are excited to go back to church.

My favorite experience with talking to investigators that did not accept the lessons or baptism happened this week. We were looking for a girl named Drilene. We clapped at the house and a girl about 14 years old saw us but did not say anything when we yelled out that we were looking for Drilene. She disappeared and then came out on the front porch and started taking down the laundry still not talking to us.  We just kind of stood trying to figure out how long we should wait at the house, when another lady, named Luciana, about 75 years old came out. She called out to us saying that we could enter. When we got to the porch we found out that she was a member inactive that was not on our charts and that she understood English better then Portuguese because her children all live in or have lived in the USA. My companion does not like to speak English so I was able to lead the conversation. It was awesome to finally be able to understand everything! Drilene turned out to be a girl that worked for her a long time ago that meet the missionaries that were at the time living at her home. Sadly, a year after she stopped taking the lessons, she was murdered. That was a first and we were taken back in surprise. The girl that was helping her now was named Diana and she grew up in the interior of the Amazon. She does not speak much Portuguese or English but mostly her native Indian tongue and Luciana is guessing she is about 14 years old. It was quite an interesting experience. Luciana came to church this week because I talked English to her. She has already reconnected with some of the older members of the ward so I think she will continue to come.

Our key investigators for baptism in the next week are:

Douglas- He just finished soccer practice and games so we will be able to meet with him more and get him to come to church like his brothers, Dario and Diego who have already been baptized.

Breuno Family- There are four members, two daughter, a son and their mother. They live very humbly and one daughter is about 17 and already has two children. They are really receptive to the lessons and the 17 year old came to church with us yesterday and enjoyed it. I ate fried fish for the first time at their home. Someone had gone fishing earlier that week and brought a huge bucket of fish to them. Rosianne was cooking them when we arrived to check up on the commitment to read and pray about the Book of Mormon. Let’s just say I am most definitely not very good at eating them, especially the transparent spines.

Gilson- He is about 40 years old, knows the church is true but does not believe that baptism is very important. We are hoping to help him with that this week.

Teaching about Prophets and Jesus Christ this past week went pretty successful and this next week I am choosing two parts of the Plan of Salvation to teach. I have not decided yet what to teach but I like the Plan of Salvation the best out of all the lessons so I will have fun teaching it. Also this week I have to talk about our investigators with the Leader of the Missionary Work in our Branch. Which should be interesting because I never really know everything about our investigators until that meeting because I only pick up bits and pieces during the week and conversations. So yeah, it is going to interesting lol. I was looking at what I have to do the next couple of weeks as part of the training program set by the church and I told Sister Cabral that I am already laughing because I know how awesome those are going to be. So stay tuned….

I did not give my talk this week because the brother in charge of the program forgot about it and did not put it in. So sigh of relief! I now have a not to shabby talk and big smile on my face because I did not have to embarrass myself in front of the whole branch. I have a hard time pronouncing procurar (search) correctly so it sounds like the word procriar (procreate). So since I have that word like five times in my talk, I hope I can say it right before I give it. 🙂 Most of the members and investigators have me give the prayer or talk because they enjoy my accent.

I forgot to add my address in the last email:

Sister Elaine Janis
Brazil Manaus Mission
Rua Loris Cordovil, 1066
Alvorada 1
69042-010 Manaus – AM

I hope you all are having an awesome week! Life is the bomb here!

Te Amo

Sister Janis

About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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