Sister Adele


Oi Família!

I finally figured out how to use this keyboard in the Internet house! Então eu posso escrever em português! Which is good because I had to write in all Português to my Presidente da Missão só Português because he doesn’t speak English. This week I have improved a little bit more in my teaching skills and speaking. I made 8 street contacts and have the responsibility of introducing the first lesson, two parts within it and asking the commitment questions and making sure we get a return appointment made. I feel bad for some of the people because they do not understand me very well. I sometimes mix Spanish pronunciation rules with Português or just have a really bad accent but hey I am a greenie! I have to talk slow and pronounce every word so people can understand me so I guess it is great practice for speaking English. 🙂

My entire branch here thinks I look just like Adele. I think it is just because I pin my hair up like her and I am super white compared to the rest of them. One of the ladies after church came up to me and was happy to announce that it was a complete vote between the children, adults and investigators that I was a carbon copy of her. LOL The branch is awesome and the members are strong. We get a lot of help with our lessons from one of the Young Men named Diego. He is 16 and cannot wait to be out in the mission field. Our first week here he went and talked to all our potentials about making it to church that day (Sunday) all on his own! Helderson is a recent convert of two months that also comes with us. Victoria is our only sister permanent helper but she recently returned from her mission so it is nice to have her teach a part of lesson so I can learn another way of teaching the same concept.

We are gaining in new investigators and lessons every week. We have a large area like Chad (well not completely but kind of because we don’t have trains, just feet and buses) but we try to keep our appointments in the same area. Sometimes that is not possible so we will spend an hour walking to our lunch appointment and get a ride back to our house and then walk to the area we are working in that day. Most of our investigators are not home until later in the day so we spend the beginning part contacting the many inactive members in our Branch. Through that process we have been able to make a lot of contacts and new investigators. Some are even family members of less active so it is kind of killing two birds with one stone.

This week I am in charge of teaching about Prophets and Jesus Christ from the first lesson. I am kind of nervous because the whole reason we had the restoration was because of those two things! If the investigator doesn’t understand it there goes our lesson! Also I am giving a ten minute talk in pure Português this week, oh goodness I will need your prayers!!!

Some information about our investigators…

Maria de Graça and Andreo have two kids.  Maria has been inactive for twenty years and lives with Andreo who is a non-member. He doesn’t want to get married until they have found a church to participate at. So if he gains a testimony about the truthfulness of ours we are golden!

Diego, who is not a member, has two brothers who have been baptized and we have been working on him but can never be there when he is. He might need all the lessons over again if we don’t meet with him soon. More practice for me!

Vanosa, Eline, and Maria are all related and Vanosa and Eline are super close to baptism but won’t come the church. Maria we found out the beginning of this week was just visiting and decided last Sunday to go back to her home in the interior of the Amazon so we won’t be seeing her again but at least she was able to receive the gospel before she left!

Laura and Sarah, that sounds great! Laura if you could just tell me when you get your book and what you want to do that would be great. Sarah if you just want to write a little bit about what you read and what you liked about it that would be awesome! I have been working on Faith in the Personal Progress. Faith is so important for us in everything we do. Faith leads to action and faith in Jesus Christ leads to righteous action! In the Book of Mormon, I have been reading about Nephi and his family, they are just about to leave for the Promise Land. Nephi and his brothers are good examples of how faith in different things can lead to certain actions. Laman and Lemuel had faith in man-made things and knowledge so when they searched for answers, they didn’t ask God to gain knowledge; they only questioned Nephi and their father. Like it says in the Introduction to the Book of Mormon we need to ASK GOD to know the truth of all things and he WILL answer!

About regular mailed letters, I would love some! I can only get letters and packages when someone visits the mission home and gets them and brings them to the next zone or district meeting. That is for both here and through out my entire mission.  I have more then enough time on p-days to write back and I would love to get lots or mail every time I have to go to a meeting 😉

All in all it has been a week of learning and growth like every week in the mission field should be! I hope ya´ll are having a fantabuless time with summer and preparing for school, I am just about to start enjoying mine here in Brazil. lol

Te amo!

Sister Janis

About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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