Walking through Rivers and Keeping House


Oi Familia!

Sorry that it has been so long for me to write; so much has happened, which is pretty typical in the mission! Okay first thing first! HAPPY FATHER´S DAY DADDY! (August 12 is Father’s Day in Brazil)  I hope you have an awesome one with all the family! I am going to try and write this quickly in order of how things happened and hopefully I can get everything in!

So the last week was full of meetings only in Portuguese and it was so much to see all of us Americans slowly slip away during the day from having to translate every word that was being thrown at us. Let’s just say we all took Tylenol and slept really good on Sunday when we have our day of rest in the CTM 🙂 On Monday, we were taken by bus to the City Center to proselyte on Av. Paulista where there are lot of bus stops, metro and businesses. We successfully handed out five LdMs on the ride there, while there, and the ride back. My favorites were:

1) A lady that was sitting at a bus stop off the main road while holding her baby; her husband sat in a car with their other child. I am not really sure why they were at the bus stop.

2) A random old lady knitting in the corner of the bus stop but it was legit and we were able to testify about eternal families and give her a LdM. She got excited so we got her address and hopefully the missionaries will teach her family.

3) A girl at another bus stop that had a member friend that gave her a LdM so we got her information for teaching and left, walking to another bus stop down the street where we were meeting our group. While standing there we looked up and she was in the bus next to the stop and was waving excitingly at us. I think she will accept the gospel. 🙂

4) The last was this lady I sat next to on the way to the CTM. She was having a hard time finding a job and she and her husband were really, really worried. I asked her if she read the Bible, she said yes but only to find answers and guidance every once in awhile. I testified that if she read the LdM also she would receive blessings and be able to find a job and become even closer to her family. She took it and I truly do hope she reads it because it will bless her life so much!!!

Ok so now all the information you are looking for lol.

I am BOA VISTA! It is a different state than Manaus and it is a city in the middle of nowhere. I think you can compare it to Coppell and Valley Ranch areas if they were separate from everything by like 10 hours. Yes, 10 hours. That is how long it took by bus for us to get here and by us I mean Sister Cabral and me. Now for the details!

I left the CTM about 7:00 am on Monday with my friend Sister Santos and two other Brazilian Elders which was really nice. I was the only one to have traveled by plane anywhere before so I was the navigator and the Brazilians were the translators. It was pretty fun trying to get tickets for everyone and luggage where it needed to be. Sister Santos was about to die because when she tried doing the computer form of check-in she could not find her name and she thought she would not be able to come. I kept having to tell her she was coming with me and that it was normal. LOL oh and being American I was able to get a waiver on my baggage so I brought a couple of things from my CTM friends to missionaries here and was able to help out one of the Elders who brought 18 lbs over the limit and was going to have to pay one hundred dinerios for it, but because I could have two suitcases with over 70 lbs I asked them to use my wavier for him. MIRACLE!!!

On the plane I was able to spend most of the time talking to a girl the same age of Sarah, who is named Sarah, who acted just like Sarah, and spoke ENGLISH!!! MIRACLE. It was awesome and she was so cute. At the end of the flight I tried to give her parents the LdM but found out her dad was Pastor to a Baptist church in Manaus and had gotten his education in Tennessee to become one. So yeah that did not go over to well but it was definitely a fun experience to start Manaus off with.

As soon as we got of the plane I was hit with Texas-like heat and humidity which I loved! Then it was go go go and of course all in Portuguese. Which was really hard to understand because I was still in the process of getting over four infections that had been going on for a week, two in my ear and two in my throat; some bacterial and some virus, and I could not hear out of one ear. Don’t worry I am better now! We got to take a picture at the temple and have lunch at the President’s house. His daughter is studying Interior Design! It was fun to try and talk to her! Then some training, interview with the President who doesn’t speak any English, and another meeting where I met my companion and then on a bus that night at 7:30 pm to drive 10 hours to Boa Vista.

The bus ride wasn’t to bad because of all the times I took the shuttle to Rexburg but it was scary because every time we stopped I got carded and my travel forms and passport were checked. Then we got here and that is when the most fun began!

Sister Cabral is on her last two transfers and started in Boa Vista when she first got here but in a different area. She is very good at training which is good because I get so scared because everything is so really new that I forgot about everything I learned about teaching but don’t worry by next week I will have it all back. I am just rebuilding my foundation, with more confidence.

Our apartment had never seen sister eyes before and I think between the first day here and today I have spent 6 hours cleaning it. Half a bottle of disinfectant and four 100 liter garbage bags later, I think you would really like it now Mom 🙂

The night of our first day we meet the investigators because we are brand new. I was able to bear my testimony every time and I really like the investigators that we are teaching. Mario and Simone just need to work some things out with Mario’s first wife and they will be able to get married and baptized. Diego and Dario got confirmed this week and their brother Douglas will hopefully be baptized soon. I may start teaching him piano, if he gets to church.:)

I am teaching parts of lessons by memorizing lines since I lost my ability to make up lessons on the spot like I did at the CTM but it is going well and I am going to do awesome once I get my confidence back. lol

I better get going I did not realize how much time I have left agh! I still need to write my President!! So TCHAU!


Sister Janis

P.S. Oh the river part, I walked through like five rivers to get here to write letters because it is raining so hard. I might have to swim back after this lol.

About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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