I am now a legit Brazilian missionary…


Oi Família!

I was talking to an Elder who just got back from serving in João Pessoa and I did not even realize Craigy that the symbol on your scripture cover was for your mission! That is cool and would make a lot of sense, since here they know what I am talking about when I ask where can I get a cover like this…

So first things first… this week started off very interesting because one of the Elders in our district went home on Friday. He told us 15 minutes before he left and we were all devastated, since we had been trying so hard to left his spirits and encourage him to study and gain a testimony.

Other thing I have been meaning to write about in the last two letters was that I found out that I really am allergic to the water from some filtration systems. Mom, do you remember how when I drank the water from the Brita filter it would hurt my throat so I would just drink tap or out of the refrigerator? Well, the first week and half that I was here I felt like I was swallowing sandpaper and felt like I was getting really sick. So I went to the doctor and he checked for all the signs for common sickness and came up with nothing. After I told him about the Brita situation, he gave me allergy medicine to see if it would help. It did so the next step after taking the medicine for five days was to see if the mission field filtration bottle would also hurt my throat. I was so scared because if that did not work I could potentially not serve in Manaus!! But don’t worry it did work and I only drink from the field water bottle all day.

Our investigators are doing wonderful! Alexandre got baptized this week along with his 9 year-old son João Paulo. The real life Alexandre was really baptized during Irmão Costa’s mission and his other son Março was batized this year. It is so cool to see how the gospel really does change families’ lives! Jociel is progressing well, reading everything we ask and not asking to many difficult questions. The hardest question we have gotten recently is why can I not talk directly to God like Joseph Smith did.

Since we are done with Alexandre, we will be moving on to another investigator named Igor. He is 22 studying away from his home state, which is really rare here.  He lives with a cousin and has a girlfriend. We haven’t had our first meeting with him yet but I heard from an older district he is a hard investigator but I know Sister Maxwell and I can do it!

Today for Preparation Day, Sister Maxwell and I along with two other companionships went with Irmão Ramalho and his brother to lunch. It was so fun to try and talk with his brother since he is learning English and we are trying so hard to learn his language. When no one knew what to say or how to say it we would all just look at each other and giggle. Smiling is the universal language and I most definitely use it a lot!

I also got my shirt that is pink, has my last name and mission on it, along with my scripture case that matches Craig’s and a Manaus missionary backpack so I am now a legit Brazilian missionary. lol

Some inspirational thoughts from this past week…

For devotional we watched a recording of Elder Richard G. Scott speaking at the MTC in April. One of the things he promised was that we would be blessed with the gift of tongues and that in order to gain something we have never had before, we must do things we have never done before. I totally agree with that statement especially since I have been having to study and make flashcards and speak only Portuguese in order to learn how to speak properly.

Another came from my teacher, sometimes when we are teaching him while he is an investigator; he asks questions that he himself is wanting to know. It made me starting thinking about how much more we can learn from our lessons and enrich our lives if when we ask questions of the people we are teaching in Home Teaching or Visiting Teaching, we also asked questions we ourselves wanted to know. I think that is what teaching really is, a mutual participation of asking questions that don’t just teach but enrich them and us.

I am running out of time so I want to end with saying thank for sending the weekly letters via missionties.com! It makes it a lot easier to read and I am able to stay on top of the news and the family. I hope Grandpa is doing okay, I definitely prayed for him! Little sisters! I heard you did amazing and I am so proud that yáll are using your talents, keep going and giving and Heavenly Father will bless with more then you know what to do with!

Já completei uma metade de meu tempo no CTM, e provavelmente não devo estar feliz sobre isso, mas mesmo assím eu estou!

Eu amo vocês!

Sister Janis

About elainejanis

My name is Elaine Janis. I am currently serving as a volunteer representative for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Amazon Jungle of Manaus Brazil. When I complete my mission I will return to Brigham Young University-Idaho where I am a senior in the Interior Design Program. Quotes that inspire me everyday are: "love life and it will love you back" "design is like unto the creation of worlds"

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